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Compression Sleeves Australia

Professional athletes and sports enthusiasts can perform at their best with our compression sleeves. Meticulously designed with style, comfort, and quality in mind, TXG Compression sleeve products offer you clinically effective graduated compression to stimulate and improve blood flow and decrease muscle vibrations — which are usually responsible for sore muscles.


Our comfortable and affordable calf and arm support wear are perfect for sports, exercise, and outdoor activities. Browse our collection of medical-grade compression sleeves here.


Graduated Compression for Maximum Support & Stability

Our range of support sleeves applies graduated compression, which means that they are tightest at the ankles or wrists, and become less constricted towards the knees or upper arms. Graduated compression provides a wide spectrum of medical, sporting, and health benefits. Maximised stability from compression also minimises fatigue and muscle soreness, which improves coordination and athletic performance.


Effective, Medical-Grade Compression Sleeves Australia

Our calf sleeves provide superior calf support and decreased fatigue. With a lightweight and breathable fabric, you get performance-enhancing compression while still being able to wear your favourite socks or team uniform.


With our arm sleeves, you can keep your arm muscles compact. Its regulating temperature feature enables you to gain more power from your arms and helps prevent fatigue. Compression arm sleeves are becoming increasingly popular with athletes active in basketball, hockey, netball, tennis, squash, cycling, and other vigorous sports.


Both TXG Compression sleeves also have a complete arm and calf wrap-around to support muscle and a twill weave aimed to enable shock support to muscle tissue.


Perform at Your Best with Minimal Risks

Achieve that breakthrough performance with the best compression sleeves in Australia. With high-quality, medical-grade compression gear for your arms and legs, you can train harder and recover better while minimising swelling, injuries, and strains.


Feel the difference with TXG today. You can avail yourself of our free delivery on orders over $200 Australia-wide.



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