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It’s exhausting every time you look at your email inbox to find it filled yet again with sale offers. But not at TXG Compression Wear. Despite the retail pressure, as a brand we are committed to never going on sale – ever – and we’d like to take a moment to explain why.

Integral to TXG Compression Wear are the values of Authenticity and Kindness.

Authenticity to us means being transparent in what we communicate, our products do what we say they do and we are always looking for opportunities where we can improve.

Kindness to us means treating everyone with understanding and respect, from our staff to our customers and everyone in between.

With these values in mind, firstly, we want to ensure that we can offer ALL of our customers a consistent, fair price all year round. To do so, we design, manufacture and price our products to their true value and we do not price our products to go on sale. Besides guaranteeing fairness for ALL our customers, this also helps us ensure that we are a Living Wage Employer.

Secondly, we think that there is nothing more frustrating (in retail) than when you buy something and then see it on sale 2 weeks later! We don’t want our customers to feel that buyer’s remorse, we understand that when you need compression wear, you need it asap without waiting for a possible sale to occur, and so we keep our prices consistent for everyone, all year round.

Lastly, as a brand we refuse to compromise on quality, we are proud to create each and every TXG product from the highest quality fibres we can find, we use the labour intensive method of hand-linked flat seams to create a more comfortable sock, this enables us to make compression socks and sleeves that you can wear time after time.  We believe this longevity reflects in the price per wear as we believe that TXG Compression products can help carry you through many journeys and adventures.

We hope that this gives you some insight into who we are.  As always, we welcome any questions – please email us at