I'm pregnant

Why wear Graduated Compression Socks during Pregnancy?

For every woman, pregnancy is a beautiful period which is filled with hope and joy. In addition, it is also a very special time for their body, which must now care for two people at the same time. As pregnancy progresses and mobility is reduced, the legs may be affected with feelings of tension and heaviness. Tingling sensations and leg cramps at night are common complaints of pregnant women.

Due to hormonal changes in the body, the veins in the legs increase their capacity for blood by dilating more than usual. At the same time the elasticity of the vascular walls deteriorates. This interaction – all the more if you have an inherited disposition towards venous disorder, can affect the efficient operation of the venous leaflet valves which assist in the flow of blood from the legs to the heart. The legs can become swollen with the additional blood. The feeling of heavy legs is not just your imagination! With dilated veins and additional pressure within the venous system during pregnancy there can be a tendency to develop ‘spider veins’ or varicose veins. Sometimes these will prevail after pregnancy.

A Comfortable Healthy Solution is Available

TXG Comfort Woman's graduated compression socks are created with the luxurious smooth and comfortable fabric TENCEL®, they can help to prevent the development of visible spider and varicose vein related problems during pregnancy whilst at the same time preventing your legs from swelling excessively. You will feel more energetic, comfortable and confident at the time when you should be looking forward to the challenges ahead. They are available in both an open toe and closed toe style.

Stay Healthy

It is important during pregnancy to maintain some level of activity that involves leg and calf muscle action to maintain healthy blood circulation. Walking helps a lot. But if walking becomes difficult to manage try rolling your feet to activate the ‘vein pump’ and stimulate the blood flow back to the heart. Alternately raise and lower your heels 15-20 times several times each day. Wearing TXG compression stockings or socks will greatly aid the effectiveness of the muscle action to circulate blood, whilst at the same time help avoiding spider or varicose veins

So, try out TXG Compression Wear for yourself or touch base with us to find the perfect graduated compression socks for you.