Benefits of Wearing TXG Compression Wear

The Benefits of Wearing TXG Compression Wear

The benefits of wearing compression wear for medical and sporting benefits as well as improving one’s health and appearance is well documented. Now with TXG’s innovative design and use of new technology fibres and fabrics, our graduated compression wear is available in a variety of colours and textures. Wearing compression socks/stockings no longer needs to look like wearing a bandage – in fact now you can step out in style!


Key Health Benefits:

Increased Blood Circulation

TXG compression socks are modelled on the principle of fluid hydrodynamics. In our bodies the blood flows from high pressure to low pressure. The circulation system of the human body starts from the heart. The blood is pumped into arteries, arterioles and capillaries and flows back to the heart by muscle contraction and valves among the veins.

Fluid pressure in our feet and other extremities increases once we leave our bed in the morning and reduces when we either return to bed in the evening or rest with raised legs during the day – or by wearing compression wear, which aids an increase of pressure at the ankles, with a reducing gradient of pressure upwards. This a pushing force to the central body and heart and aids increased blood circulation.

Increased blood circulation has a myriad of benefits such as:

For Sports Enthusiasts:

Compression socks and sleeves are fast becoming standard wear for a wide range of sporting genres, especially endurance competitors

Medical and Well Being:

Pregnancy / Maternity

Diabetic and Sensitive Feet