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      TXG’s Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint (sometimes called Heel Spur Splint) has been created to provide relief for those suffering from the condition and its painful effects. Plantar Fasciitis often flares up first thing in the morning after you’ve rested your legs at night, making your morning routine unpleasant and longer than it needs to be. Wearing a night splint can help to prevent this.

      Plantar Fasciitis occurs when your Plantar Fascia becomes inflamed, strained, or damaged. This muscle runs along the bottom of the foot, supporting the arch. If left untreated it can lead to bone-building up where the muscle meets the heel bone, which is why the condition is often called heel spurs.

      Our Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint is non-allergenic and feels like a comfortable, warm sock, without the extra weight and bulk of a traditional splint. Because it isn’t rigid (like a moon boot) it’s more comfortable to wear at night and less irritating on your skin.

      Provided your doctor approves of it being integrated into your treatment plan, wearing one can dramatically reduce your pain and discomfort so you can get on with your day.

      Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints are available in the following sizes:

      • Medium – <40cm calf
      • Large – 41-53cm calf

      Benefits of the TXG soft night splint

      • The lightweight, breathable tubular sock-like knit material is comfortable to wear, easy to wash, quick to dry, and small enough to travel with
      • It can be worn on either foot, is quick and easy to put on and take off
      • Two adjustable Velcro straps make it quick and easy to adjust for a comfortable fit and simple to loosen the straps if you need to walk while wearing the splint
      • Makes it easy to maintain your normal stretching and movements while sleeping
      • It doesn’t lock the ankle joint into one position

      To aid muscle recovery after exercise the TXG soft splint can be pulled tightly for up to 15 minutes after exercising to help muscle recovery. Or it can be worn with a gentle stretch, overnight while you are sleeping

      Precautions: If you have any open sores, diabetes, swelling, oedema, hammertoes, bunion, active rash, severe dermatitis, trauma to the foot, recent foot surgery, pregnant or have circulatory problems, please consult with your Doctor or health professional before using the TXG Plantar Fascia Night Splint