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Delwyn Evans - Power Lifter


This morning I was sitting out on the decking drinking my coffee watching some beautiful wood pigeons. I took a moment and thought to myself how lucky I am to witness this. My life as a power-lifter is just as rewarding.

I am totally honoured to be made Brand Ambassador for TXG Compression Wear.

I have been powerlifting for 4 years previously to that I did bodybuilding for 3 years. Power-lifting comprises of Back squat, Bench Press and Dead-lift. Bench Press is my favourite lift of the 3 and often we just have bench press competitions. Lifting is fun and rewarding its always about battling yourself and I am a great believer in My Lifts My Journey !!! I just live and breathe lifting and chip away keeping things humble.

Happiness = Success

  • Waikato Champion
  • North Island Champion
  • New Zealand Champion
  • Oceania Champion
  • Commonwealth Champion
  • Asia/Oceania Champion
  • Bronze Medalist Classic Worlds Bench Press

Prior to my long-haul flight to Finland, I spoke to my GP about long-haul travel and he suggested I would be needing to purchase some decent compression socks for the flight. He suggested I go to a pharmacy to get some. I purchased these and within 30 minutes of wearing them they fell down and had lost elasticity not to mention they were very, very itchy. That night I got on the internet and found TXG Compression Wear and the reviews from satisfied customers bought a smile to my face. I sent an email through asking if I could have them dispatched ASAP as I was traveling to the World Power-lifting Champs in Salo, Finland. I woke up the next morning to a lovely Email I knew then that TXG was a lovely warm and genuine company.

I traveled to my destination with no Jet Lag and not a day goes by that I don’t wear TXG compression wear. I'm totally in love with the TXG compression arm sleeves and wear them at training. This morning I got up and put my new TXG green compression calf sleeves on and OMG I felt like I was in heaven.

So when I was asked to be Brand Ambassador it was an absolute pleasure to be associated with TXG compression wear.