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Not all compression wear is created equal! There are certain features in the manufacturing materials, construction and design you should look out for when choosing your compression wear. TXG Compression Wear meets the highest standards.


To have long life and superior comfort, compression wear needs to be fabricated from high quality materials.

For graduated compression to be effective and consistent, the elasticity of Lycra® and nylon utilized need to of the highest grades. How these materials are used in fabrication is also important. Being Lycra® certified ensures compression is properly graduated.

For superior comfort and moisture wicking properties, whilst having stronger fibre strength, cotton should not only be of the Pima variety, but should also be processed under controlled conditions to qualify as Supima®. Because of the fineness of Supima cotton, more fibres can be spun into a yarn of a given count, which will enhance the 

feel and softness, drape-ability and brilliance of colour in a fabric.       
Learn more about Supima® here

Dryness: Most fabrics will, to a degree, absorb moisture. For greater comfort and health, it is important that moisture from sweat is not left sitting on your skin. This is where the use of Coolmax® can assist. Coolmax® fabric is very effective at wicking moisture from your skin, absorbing the moisture through the fabric for evaporative drying.  
Learn more about Coolmax® here

Another product used in quality compression wear is Tencel®. The tiny fibrils present in the fibres of this revolutionary product are very effective in wicking moisture away from your skin releasing the moisture in to the air. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of Tencel® fibres reveal smooth surfaces, which gives products incorporating this material a unique softness and silkiness which results in less skin irritations.          Another great benefit of Tencel® fibrils is that rapid moisture absorption combined with a smooth exterior surface give the fabric antibacterial properties which can not be washed away!           
Learn more about Tencel® here


Equally as important as incorporating great materials is ensuring your compression wear is fabricated in a manner to ensure you get the best product, benefits and value for money.

Quality compression wear should not exhibit any raised internal seams and hard edges. This is important to avoid any unsightly indentations forming in the skin from wearing the garments. It is especially critical for compression wear when garments are pressing with a moderate pressure against the skin. And it is especially important for people with edema and diabetic conditions where interruption to blood flow in small blood vessels can lead to medical complications.

Comparisons of Socks and Stockings in the Market – Worldwide



TXG Compression Socks

Major USA & European Brands

Some/most MLM?? Products

(General) Market??? Brands


Compression Measurement / Units





Denier is a unit measure of linear mass density of fibers (but does not relate at all to compression)

mmHg = refers to the height in mm of Mercury in a tube created by the pressure on the tube diameter. It is the standard unit of pressure measurement for compression wear

Compression Mode


Graduated (some brands)

Not defined

Not defined

Graduated compression from the ankle to the top of the calf is essential for realising the benefits of compression wear

Safety & Certification


Lycra Energy




Compression must be managed during manufacture to achieve correct levels. At TXG compression levels are continuously monitored during manufacture and are independently audited every 100pr.

It can be hazardous to wear socks / stockings with an unknown / excessive level of compression


Micro Nylon








TXG utilises superior materials to enhance softness and breathability whilst maintaining controlled compression over product life


Best materials combined with hand-crafted seamless cage (toe-stocking) join



Very coarse

TXG strives to develop product improvements that will provide the best comfort levels possible.

Coarse toe-stockings can cause specific problems with people afflicted with diabetes and should be avoided





Lower price, but poor quality

TXG provides the best balance of superior materials, comfort, precise compression levels, quality control at affordable prices