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Our Story

You might say that becoming TXG's Australian distributor happened to us by chance - Grant is an engineer by trade and Heather a Chartered Accountant. Grant met the owners of TXG while on a business trip to Taiwan, he began wearing the socks while flying and soon realised the many additional benefits that graduated compression wear provides for medical, sporting and every day wear and it didn't take long for Heather to discover the benefits too.

As proud parents of four children we have enjoyed an active lifestyle as a family. Inevitably, though, as we've gotten older, aches and pains have become more frequent; it also takes longer to recover from injuries. Wearing TXG compression wear has enabled us to reclaim our active lifestyle and gives us reassurance of preventing DVT when travelling.

High Quality, Affordable Compression wear hasn't been readily available in Australia, so, to us it seemed logical to make compression wear more accessible to people like us because we truly believe in these TXG compression wear products and we are delighted to be able to provide a personalised customer service to enable customers to find the perfect TXG compression wear product for their particular needs.