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TXG’s Textile Technology

The high quality fibres we choose determines the superior quality of our compression wear

Supima® Cotton – is often referred to as “the cashmere of cottons”. Supima® surpasses other cottons in softness, strength and brilliance of colour. The staple length is 35% longer and 45% stronger than regular cottons and Supima® absorbs and retains colour more effectively than regular cottons.


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Tencel® - is a revolutionary new age fibre with an internal structure of fibrils which have an advanced ability to rapidly absorb moisture, transport the moisture away from the skin and to release the moisture by evaporation back into the atmosphere.

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Antisep-tex® - is an innovative all-in-one concept is applied to combine a variety of fibres. The selected various fibres are spun into a single strand of super fibre which combines the features of each of the individual fibres.

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Modal® - is a semi synthetic cellulose fibre made by spinning reconstituted cellulose form beech trees which are grown in Austria. The modal fibre is naturally soft and comfortable and perfect for producing clothing which has high ventilation and superior moisture absorption.

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Lycra® - only the highest grade of spandex produced by Lycra® is used by TXG. Lycra® is known for its exceptional elasticity, comfort and breathability, rapid drying as well as its resistance to bacteria, ultraviolet light and stability from exposure to chlorine and other chemicals. Lycra® does not cause the types of allergic reactions that some people experience with latex based alternatives.

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Micro Nylon – is a synthetic fibre which is smooth to the touch, light, quick drying, has high elasticity and tensility and resistant to abrasion.

Acrylic – is a synthetic fibre made from a polymer. Acrylic is a lightweight, soft, warm fibre with a wool-like feel, it is resistant to ultraviolet light, easy to clean and non-allergenic.

Bamboo Charcoal Yarn - has superior antibacterial and deodorizing properties.