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      News — Compression Wear

      Compression Socks for Retail Workers

      Cashier in a shop
      Some jobs and roles will require you to keep active and on your feet all day.  One industry that asks this of their workers is, of course, the retail world.  No matter where you work or what you sell, retail can be extremely demanding on you physically.

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      Why Truck Drivers Need Compression Socks

      Truck driver in his truck driving
      Some jobs and various hobbies need you to be on your feet at all times. Truck drivers and long-distance hauliers may be sitting down for the majority of their working day. However, that doesn’t mean that their legs and feet aren’t feeling the strain.  If anything, they are going to need to depend on their lower extremities a lot so that they can get the job done.

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      Compression Socks for Construction Workers

      construction workers on a building site
      If there’s anyone who spends most of their day on their feet, it’s a construction worker.  Builders, carpenters, joiners and other tradespeople must always be on the move, ready to work with a variety of materials and tools.  There is rarely going to be an opportunity for them to sit down.  Therefore, compression socks for construction workers are becoming more and more popular, as well as increasingly recommended.

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      4 Reasons Why Every Nurse Should Wear Compression Socks

      Compression socks for nurses
      If you’re a nurse working long shifts, you’ll likely be able to count the amount of times you can actually sit down and rest your tired legs on one hand. In such a demanding role caring for the needs of sick patients, there may even be days when you don’t get to sit down at all.  

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      How Do Compression Socks Work?

      Girl sitting in a library wearing compression socks
      Millions of people regularly wear compression socks. You may need them to help relieve aching legs or to reduce swelling. There are plenty of different ways in which stockings and socks can help us. But how many of us really know how they work?

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