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      News — Pregnancy

      7 Ways to Combat Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

      Pregnant woman sitting on a seat with her legs raised

      As much as pregnancy is an extremely exciting time for any expectant mum, the changes in your body can start to take their toll. Your back will ache, cravings will be through the roof, and as the weeks pass by you’ll notice that your feet will swell, making it often uncomfortable to walk and put your shoes on.

      In this post we are going to look at some remedies for swollen feet during pregnancy. These are things you can do to help with feet swelling while you wait for the arrival of your precious new family addition.

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      The 5 Major Benefits of Wearing Pregnancy Socks

      woman resting in bed

      It’s all good and well someone telling you that you should wear pregnancy socks while you are carrying. But do you actually know what they do?

      Let’s check out the 5 major benefits of wearing pregnancy socks so you can really understand why getting yourself a pair may be just what you need to get you comfortably through your last trimester.

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      How to Choose and Use Compression Socks While Pregnant

      Pregnant woman sitting
      Pregnancy will bring on all kinds of changes for your body to cope with!  One of the more uncomfortable and painful changes can be the swelling of your lower legs and feet.  That comes as a result of your veins working harder than ever to accommodate for your growing baby!  Compression wear can be used to help stimulate blood flow, and to redirect blood back up through your veins to the rest of your body.

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      Finding the Best Compression Socks for Pregnancy Travel

      Pregant woman at an airport
      Two of the main reasons why people wear compression socks is for air travel and relief during pregnancy. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that you should want to wear stockings if you are travelling while pregnant! While there are plenty of different socks available that are tailored to everyday wear, there are also some which are best suited for flying while pregnant. But how should you know what to look for?

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